What is a Coffee Pod…  A coffee pod consists of freshly roasted coffee, perfectly ground, tamped to the correct pressure and then encapsulated in a paper.  E.S.E. or Easy Serving Espresso pods were introduced by Illycaffe more than 25 years ago, with the intention to ‘simplify espresso preparation, and guarantee a consistent level of quality’. The standard size of a coffee pod is about 44mm, with 6.8 to 7.0 grams of coffee per pod. The pods are individually sealed in an oxygen free laminated pouch to preserve the fresh flavor and aroma, so that they can produce rich and creamy espresso consistently and conveniently. The pods can be used in any espresso machine designed to accept E.S.E. espresso pods. Each pod fits directly into your espresso machine, providing you with the perfect espresso every time.

Why Choose ESPRESSIONE Coffee Pods… Our splendid selection of coffee and coffee roasting methods offer an unforgettable taste of professionally made espresso in every cup.  Using coffee pods is a fast and the most convenient way to a perfect cup of espresso every time!
With espresso pods:

  • The perfect espresso is guaranteed
  • Your machine will always stay clean (no mess to clean up)
  • The preparation time of your espresso will be significantly reduced
  • You will not need a grinder
  • You will not waste any espresso powder 


The perfect cup of espresso begins with the most important ingredient…THE COFFEE!   We have searched the globe for the finest quality espresso coffee and have accomplished this through an old world, Italian coffee roaster, headquartered near the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This coffee roaster has been in business for over 50 years, having mastered the technique or producing blends of coffee from the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees. They enjoy an active presence in both the Italian domestic and international markets with its high quality products. The roaster produces, to our specification, blends of gourmet coffees perfect for and designed for each market in which we sell.



Classic Blend

Rich blend of roasted, ground, best quality coffee from Italy. It is perfect for North American tastes. Comes in either 150 or 18-count boxes of classic espresso pods.



100% Arabica Blend
A rich blend of quality Arabica coffee from Italy gives a full bodied flavor, which guarantees your espresso is always creamy with an intense aroma. It is dark roasted for true European taste. Comes in either
150 or 18-count boxes of 100% Arabica pods.



Decaffeinated Blend
Rich blend of quality coffee from Italy, with the full flavor and aroma for the best taste without caffeine. The caffeine has been removed using the chemical free process. Comes in either
150 or 18-count boxes of decaf pods.

Roasting Process…  The system is ecological and uses hot air pre-heated to roast instead of having a heating source directly into the roasting machine. The green beans are also pre-heated before entering into the roasting unit which avoids thermal shock. With this system there is no smoke and the roasting temperature is never higher then 210/220ºC instead of more then 300ºc in the conventional units. Of course, the roasting time is longer, but the result is much better, and ensures even roasting thoughout the body of the bean.

Use Espressione Coffee pods with the following brands of espresso machines

La Pavoni
Francis Francis
Mr. Coffee
Nuova Simonelli