Our Complimentary recipes...

Espresso is several things all at once.  It is a unique method of coffee brewing of fine ground beans roasted darker brown than the American roast “good for the soul.” 

Yet, people are as numerous as they are diverse and therefore the following should only be used as a guide while experimenting with other variations to meet the consumers needs:


A mix of an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk, served in a demitasse cup topped with rich, thick milk foam.


Espresso, mixed with rich steamed milk and foam.

Café Latte

Espresso, mixed with rich steamed milk and topped with milk foam poured down the middle.

Café Mocha

Espresso, rich sweet gourmet chocolate mixed with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream.


A mix of espresso and hot water.


A single shot of espresso (1 oz. to 1-1/2 oz.) served in a demitasse cup with sugar on the side.

Espresso Romano

Espresso served with a twist of thin slice of lemon.

Espresso Macchiato

Espresso, marked (macchiato) with a small amount of milk foam.

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso with whipped cream on top.

Café Breve

Same as latte, except with half and half milk.


Restricted: 3/4 oz. espresso.


Long: 1-1/2 oz. to 2-1/4 oz. espresso.


Double: 2 to 3 oz. espresso using a double filter.

Iced Latte

Ice, milk and espresso poured on top.

Iced Mocha

Ice, milk mixed with sweet gourmet chocolate, espresso and whipped cream on top.

Iced Breve

Ice, approximately 2 oz. of Italian flavor and seltzer, whipped cream optional.

Italian Crème Soda

Same as above, plus 1/2 oz. half and half

Flavored Steamers

Steamed milk with 1 oz. to 2 oz. flavor.

Hot Chocolate

Sweet gourmet chocolate with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream.